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The Experience

With us you will enjoy a service that is focused around saving you time.

This is why we want to ensure that your journey is the most convenient that you will ever experience. With us you can park just outside the terminal and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee in a comfortable departure lounge and we will fly you close to the city centre at your destination. Flights are only one hour long.

The maximum amount of passengers per flight is 19 meaning that security and immigration clearance and boarding & disembarking are rapid and hassle free.

Our prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves in providing a transparent pricing policy, this is why our prices include credit card & airport charges and taxes.

Our launch route is Paris and we have huge plans for future routes that will always follow our original model.

The principal benefits are:

  • Small boutique airports located close to city centres
  • Car parking less than 1 minute walk from terminal
  • Quick check-in
  • Quick transition for immigration and security screening
  • Departure lounge at no extra charge
  • Quick aircraft boarding and disembarking
  • Only 1 hour transit from airport to airport with comfortable seats and cabin
  • Excellent value
  • What you see is what you pay with no extra costs