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The LET-410 UVP-E is a 19-seat turboprop aircraft. It is ideal for short commuter flights and operations from smaller runways.

LET-410 UVP Aircraft

Currently more than 1,100 LET-410s have been built and are still in production. The aircraft are operated by a variety of European airlines.

The LET-410 UVP-E Aircraft is operated by 2 pilots and is powered by two GE M601 turboprop engines. On any flight there will be a maximum of 19 passengers, this means that boarding and disembarking times are kept to an absolute minimum.

The aircraft is not equipped with toilets, so it is important to bear this in mind before boarding!

The aircraft cabin is spacious with generous under-seat hand baggage space, and with full width seats it is one of the most comfortable cabins in its class. The seat pitch is approximately 29 inches.

All flights are operated by Van Air Europe A.S.